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The heart of this classical 100mm (4-inch) f/10 refractor is a multi-coated air-spaced achromatic doublet objective lens that is well-corrected for both spherical and chromatic aberrations. The aluminum tube contains carefully ray-traced baffles to eliminate stray light, providing crisp, high-contrast images. The TAL-100R excels for observations of the Moon, planets, and double stars.

A dewcap, 6x30mm finderscope, and two eyepieces of 25mm and 10mm focal length are included, as well as a 90-degree star diagonal for comfortable observation of objects near the zenith.

The tube assembly is supported by a sturdy equatorial mounting that features manual micrometric slow-motion controls in Right Ascention and Declination. At a modest additional cost, a motor drive in right ascension can be provided (as model TAL-100RM). At the customer's request, either a metal pedestal or hardwood tripod is included, as well as a fitted wooden carrying case.

Martin's (UK) opinion:

I'm based in Yorkshire, UK and have just bought a Tal 100RS to compliment my Meade LX90 (and an ST80). The Tal is wonderful - it certainly lives up to the reviews. Like a lot of folks say - "there's something about a refractor..."

I actually think it's a quite beautiful piece of kit; it feels like a scientific instrument rather than a mass produced consumer device. The wooden tripod is excellent, very stable, and lovely to look at. Views through the scope have exceeded my expectations. What it sees, it sees very well.

Robert Spellman's (USA) opinion:

The star tests are nearly perfect, as good as the Zeiss 12" refractor that I operate at Griffith Observatory. Contrast is high at night, somewhat reduced in daylight... Color is very minimal when viewing the moon, the images however have a very warm tint to them. Just so there is no confusion I love this scope!

I highly recommend this scope for anyone contemplating purchasing a 4" refractor in this price range this is the hands down winner - it has no competition.

I have owed several refractors - Celestron 4" Fluorite , Unitron 3" F 15, Unitron 4" F15,Carrol 6" F 16.5, Pentax 75EDHF and a few others.

The only scope that beats the Tal is the Celestron Fluorite ( I paid $2,500 10 years ago for this instrument) and the 6" Carrol.

Les's (UK) opinion:

I am in an urban site that is quite light polluted. Anyway, so far only had the chance to look at both Jupiter and Saturn, a bright moon and the sun (using Baader AstroSolar filter). The views were very good and sharp. I had to remind myself to look to see if there was any false colour. Just a small amount around the bright rim of the moon, hardly noticeable or intrusive and very easily missed. The travel on the focuser is very long and focuses easily. I like the ruggedness of the assembly and do not feel worried about lugging it around.

Also, I like the finder, only 6*30, but I found it very easy and quick to align, with good focusing and sharp.

Although this is my 2nd scope, I think I will use it more than the reflector due to its smaller size (4" v 8") and it does feel nice and rugged as I mentioned. No qualms about putting it in the car and using it out in the 'field'. At its price I think the performance is excellent.

Tom Teague's opinion:

I was amazed at the colour correction. There was less visible false colour than in a f/9.8 Vixen achromat.

Chris Dulieu's (UK) opinion:

I am similarly impressed with my TAL-100. The lack of colour is amazing for an achromat especially considering the price. I think TAL really have excelled themselves with this scope.

Standard Specification

Aperture, mm 100
Focal length, mm 1000
Focal ratio 1:10
Resolving power 1.4"
Limiting visual magnitude 12m
Magnification, min 40x (f=25mm)
Magnification, max 155x (f=6.3mm)
Optical scheme Refractor
Angular visual field, max 60' (f=25mm)
Angular visual field, min 15' (f=6.3mm)
Range of slow-motion control on the axes within б╠4б╟
Latitude range of mounting 0...70б╟
Magnification of the finderscope 6x
Angular field of finderscope 8б╟
Voltage of the supplying mains, V 220 (110) б╠10%
Current frequency, Hz 50 (60)
Output voltage of the supply unit, V 12
Dimensions, mm 950x920x1460
Dimensions of the plywood case, mm 1160x560x250
Weight of the telescope, kg 17 (TAL-100RM - 22kg)
Weight of the telescope packed, kg 20 (TAL-100RM - 25kg)