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Main / Catalog / Telescopes / Refractor 5" TAL-125R Telescope

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A new 125mm astronomical telescopes with 2" focuser completed with a refracting objective lens and achromatic objective lens allow seeing all colors of Moon, Mars, Venus and other celestial objects as well as to make the various unique photographs.

Please see the detailed manual: tal-100RS125R_.pdf

Standard Specification

Aperture, mm 125
Focal length, mm 1124
Focal ratio 8.9
Resolving power 1"
Limiting visual magnitude 12.5
Magnification, min 45
Magnification, max 176
Optical scheme Refractor
Length of tube / with focuser, mm 1280
Latitude range of mounting 0-70б╟
Focuser 2"/1.25"
Magnification of the finderscope 6x
Angular field of finderscope 8б╟
Voltage of the supplying mains, V 220
Current frequency, Hz 50
Output voltage of the supply unit, V 12
Weight of the telescope, kg 35
Weight of the telescope packed, kg 55