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  • simplicity of control;
  • possibility for estimation of measurement accuracy;
  • function of reviewing the results of the last ten measurements;
  • shock-, dust- and moisture-proof housing;
  • possibility of ranging: meters ("M") and yards ("Y");
  • adjustment of distance between eyes;
  • dioptric adjustment;
  • eyepieces are equipped with extendable eye shades;
  • tripod unit;
  • laser which is invisible and safe for one`s eyes;
  • automatic mode of energy saving.

The laser rangefinder 7x40 is the laser device intended for measuring distance up to the objects located on the terrain. It provides visual viewing these objects as well. The liquid crystal display serves for inducing a sighting mark and displaying information on operation modes and the results of ranging.

Magnification times 7x
Input pupil diameter mm 40
Field of view, deg deg 6
Range of diopter correction of eyepiece dptr minimum -4
Range of adjustment of axis-to-axis distance between eyepieces mm 60 - 70
Range of distance being measured (D) m 20 - 1000
Measurement error m
maximum (1+0.01D)
Voltage of power supply unit V
9 (battery of "Krona" type)
Operating range of temperature C
from 0 up to +45ºC
Relative humidity of air
up to 98% at +25ºC
Dimensions mm
Weight kg 1.15