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Jolos TM Mount Adapter M42/EOS

For using Canon EOS cameras with M42 lenses (Praktica, Zenit). Metric scale M42 keeps its meanings due to compensation of the flange bases difference. Therefore focusing can be to infinity.

You should remember that the pusher with the fixed ring doesn’t work, so diaphragm control of the lens is set manually. This adapter can work with lenses having both only automatic diaphragm (A) and selector A/M (automatic/manual diaphragm). It is possible to use Macro rings and other accessories.


  1. Put red marks of the adapter and lens collar together.
  2. Turn the adapter clockwise till the fixative click.
  3. Set M42 lens.


To remove the adapter you should unpress fixative pin and turn the adapter anticlockwise.


Working with M42 lenses acknowledgement of the focusing with green light is not made. The aperture is set «0.0». Expo-modes:

  1. P (program) – identical to Av mode;
  2. Tv (flash priority) – doesn’t work;
  3. Av (diaphragm priority) – works as usual;
  4. M (manual) – aperture and flash are changed. Inaccuracy of exposure defining is indicated by expo-correction.