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Tracker LT 2x24 Night Vision Binoculars with twin 1st Gen. II Tubes observes the night in a new fashion as you try out Yukon Advanced Optics' new night vision binoculars.

The Tracker line of night vision binoculars is compact, lightweight and provides a wide field of view. The water resistant body increases the binoculars' versatility, while the central focusing knob and fixed eye span distance provide comfort and reliability.

The soft, one-piece eyecup prevents external light distortion and light leakage from the device, allowing the user to remain hidden in the night.

The flip-top lens cap is an additional feature that allows the lens cap to be moved out of the way with a twist of the wrist. NVB Tracker LT 2x24 is a basic model of the Viking series.

The powerful PULSE™ system IR illuminator improves the quality of observation at a distance of up to 150 m and is absolutely necessary in total darkness.

Body Description

The night vision tubes housed in the rugged, rubber armored body, provide high-quality viewing in night time conditions.

Optics / Performance

Lenses of the binoculars are made of high-quality optical glass. Being fully multi-coated, they provide high resolution and light-gathering power that makes image quality really excellent.

See all details in manual: manual_nvb_tracker_eng.pdf