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Main / Catalog / Night Vision Rifle Scopes / Phantom 4x60 Night Vision Rifle Scope with 2nd Gen.II Tube (EPM66G-2)

Phantom 4x60 Night Vision Rifle Scope with 2nd II Tube (EPM66G-2) takes into account all the requirements for modern night hunting. Utilising a military-style design and offering maximum functionality, the Phantom is an obvious choice for anyone who demands the highest quality and impeccable reliability.

б═It is fully weatherproofed, thanks to a nitrogen filled optical channel and waterproofing to IPX6, and can be used anywhere. Arctic ice fields or desert sands, humid tropical forests or harsh Siberian taiga Б─⌠ the

Phantom is ready to do its job regardless of weather conditions. The body of the Phantom is made of highly durable glass-filled plastic. The bodyshell design and high grade intensifier tubes ensure shockproofing to heavy calibres, including 9.3x62, 9.3x74 and 375H&H.

б═The Gen 2+ tube has Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and, coupled with the high quality, wide-aperture lens, provides a sharp and clear picture. The high light gain, combined with the built-in IR - Illuminator, allows hunting even in situations of critically low night illumination (down to 10-4 lx Б─⌠ overcast starlight).

The fast start-up function (the sight is Б─°OnБ─² only while pressing a button) is very useful for making quick assessments. The problem of choosing a reticle has also been solved effectively.

With the Phantom, you can choose the most suitable reticle configuration and change it by simply pressing a button (the Phantom with the Mil-Dot reticle is also available).

The voltage stabilization system eliminates reticle shift even with an almost discharged battery. All main controls are on top of the body simplifying accessibility.

б═These and other useful features make the Phantom one of the most interesting and promising new recruits to the class of elite night vision riflescopes.

Technical specifications:

Magnification, x


Objective lens diameter, mm


Field of view, angular degrees


Eye relief distance, mm

50 | 53 | 50

Resolution, lines/mm, min.

45 | 45 | 51

Maximal detection range, m**

700 | 700 | 800

Diopter setting, D

б╠3.5 | б╠2.5 | б╠3.5

Close-up range, m

from 8 to infinity

Power Supply, V

1.5V (1xAA) or 3V (1xCR 123)

Water intrusion rating (IEC 60529)


Length, mm

320 | 288 | 320

Width, mm


Height, mm


Weight without the mount, kg


* - The riflescopes use these or similar electronic-optical intensifiers

Max. detection range of an object measuring 1.7x0.5 m in natural night conditions (0.05 lux, quarter moon).