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Main / Catalog / Night Vision Binoculars / Tracker 2x24 WP Waterproof Night Vision Binocular twin 1st Gen II Tubes

Tracker 2x24 WP Night Vision Binoculars with twin 1st Gen II Tubes were produced on the basis of the Tracker 2x24 LT night vision binocular. Observes the night in a new fashion as you try out Yukon Advanced Optics' new night vision binoculars. The Tracker line of night vision binoculars is compact, lightweight and provides a wide field of view.

The binoculars have a higher level of water resistance IPX5, the IEC 60529 standard (jets of water directed at the body from either side do no harm to the device).

Like all the Yukon Advanced Optics® night vision devices, the Tracker night vision binoculars are light and compact. Fixed interpupillary distance coupled with the objective central focusing makes them dependable and easy to handle.

The powerful IR illuminator improves the quality of observation at a distance of up to 150 m and is absolutely necessary in total darkness.

The specially designed blinker protects your eyes from outside flare and hides the luminescence of the tube.

The patented Eclipse™ objective caps system provides a number of advantages: caps reliably protect optics of the device from damage, dust and moisture; when open, they can be easily leaned back on the body and do not hinder observation.

Body The night vision tubes housed in the rugged, rubber armored body, provide high-quality viewing in night time conditions.

Optics Lenses of the binoculars are made of high-quality optical glass. Being fully multi-coated, they provide high resolution and light-gathering power that makes image quality really excellent

See all details in manual: manual_nvb_tracker_eng.pdf