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Powerful “Clip-ON” Thermal Imaging Scope  CTS-22CG-17 was designed to be used in conjunction with daytime riflescopes or spotting scopes. 

Featuring fast, real time performance. 

Device has been built in accordance to LDH™ Concept (Light Durable Housing), has strong, light weight aluminum housing.

*For optimal performance the CTS-22 is recommended for use with 3X-9X variable magnification day scopes. The Device is supplied with a mounting bracket and set of inserts of different sizes which allow quick attachment of CTS-22 to the following day scopes objective lens diameters: 41, 43, 45, 46, 49, 51, 53, 55, 59, 61


  • Designed to be used in conjunction with daytime riflescopes
  • Shutterless and Soundless
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Light Weight, Compact Size
  • Interchangeable Optics
  • 24 Hour Operation

 Please download the leaflet with the detailed technical specifications: CTS-22CG.doc


CTSБ─░22 CGБ─░17

Lens 25 mm/f: 1.0

FOV 9 x 6 deg

Magnification 1X

Detection of Human Figure ~500 m

Detection of Idling Car ~800 m

Powered By CR123 battery: 1 pc.

Continuous Operation time Up to 4 hours

Weight 480 Grams

Dimensions 150x50x45 mm

FPA LWIR Uncooled, 8Б─░12 um

F.P.A. Format 640x480, 17 μm

Thermal Sensitivity 60 mK

Refresh Rate 30 Hz

NUC Shutterless, Quiet

Display Type OLED

Polarity Control White Hot/Black Hot

ZOOM Control 2X, 4X

Gain/Level control Automatic

 For optimal performance CTSБ─░22CG to be used with minimum 2X—4X variable magnification day scopes.

Great performance and accuracy may be achieved by manipulating with optical magnification of day scope, digital zoom and polarity of CTSБ─░22CG.

Device may be supplied with option of 2 types of mounting brackets and desired sets of inserts of different sizes which allow quick attach CTSБ─░22CG to the following day time scopes’ objective lens diameters:

Type1. From 40 through 50 mm.

Type2. From 51 through 62 mm. 

Basic set supplied with 25 mm lens, one mounting bracket, Type 1 or Type 2 and up to 4 pcs. of needed diameters of inserts which should match diameters of day time scopes intended to be used with CTSБ─░22.