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Compact and easy-to-use Б─°Clip-ONБ─² Thermal Imaging Scope CTS-22CG with FPA320x240 was designed to be used in conjunction with daytime riflescopes or spotting scopes.б═

Featuring fast, real time performance.

Device has been built in accordance to LDHБ└╒ Concept (Light Durable Housing), has strong, light weight aluminum housing.

*For optimal performance the CTS-22 is recommended for use with 3X-9X variable magnification day scopes. The Device is supplied with a mounting bracket and set of inserts of different sizes which allow quick attachment of CTS-22 to the following day scopes objective lens diameters: 41, 43, 45, 46, 49, 51, 53, 55, 59, 61

Designed to be used in conjunction with daytime riflescopes
Shutterless and Soundless
Low Power Consumption
Light Weight, Compact Size
Interchangeable Optics
24 Hour Operation

б═Please download the leaflet with the detailed technical specifications:б═CTS-22CG.doc



Lens 25 mm/f: 1.0

FOV 9 x 6 deg

Magnification 1X

Detection of Human Figure ~300 m

Detection of Idling Car ~500 m

Powered By CR123 battery: 1 pc.

Continuous Operation time Up to 5 hours

Weight 460 Grams

Dimensions 135x50x45 mm

FPA LWIR Uncooled, 8Б─░12 um

F.P.A. Format 320x240, 25 н╪m

Thermal Sensitivity 50 mK

Refresh Rate 50 Hz

NUC Shutterless, Quiet

Display Type OLED

Polarity Control White Hot/Black Hot

ZOOM Control 2X, 4X

Gain/Level control Automatic

For optimal performance CTSБ─░22CG to be used with minimum 2XБ─■4X variable magnification day scopes.

Great performance and accuracy may be achieved by manipulating with optical magnification of day scope, digital zoom and polarity of CTSБ─░22CG.

Device may be supplied with option of 2 types of mounting brackets and desired sets of inserts of different sizes which allow quick attach CTSБ─░22CG to the following day time scopesБ─≥ objective lens diameters:

Type1. From 40 through 50 mm.

Type2. From 51 through 62 mm.

Basic set supplied with 25 mm lens, one mounting bracket, Type 1 or Type 2 and up to 4 pcs. of needed diameters of inserts which should match diameters of day time scopes intended to be used with CTSБ─░22.