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TAL-1, TAL-1M Newtonians Astronomical Telescope

The astronomical telescopes with reflector objective lenses are intended for observation of the celestial objects and photographing of the various objects.

They are provided with a high quality of optics and design which allows to make an observation of celestial objects with highest possible comfort for user.

The telescopes are fixed on equatorial mounting which allows to determine the coodinetes of celestial objects with available accuracy. According to a customer's enqury the telescopes can be fixed on stiff pier or tripod.

A stable position of tripod is provided with fixing of each supports of tripod in desirable position with the help of special stop mechanism. The telescopes are completed with finderscope with field of view of 8°. They are completed with projection screen, black (solar) light filter, two 1/25" Plossl eyepieces of f'=25 mm, f'=10mm, 2x Barlow lens, solar screen.

see MANUAL: tal-1m.pdf

Aperture, mm 110 Focal length, mm 806 Focal ratio 1:7.3 Resolving power 1.3" Limiting visual magnitude 11.5m Magnification, min 32x (f=25mm) Magnification, max 165x (f=10mm & Barlow 2x) Optical scheme Newtonian Range of slow-motion control on the axes within ±4° Latitude range of mounting 0...70° Focuser 1.25" Magnification of the finderscope 6x Angular field of finderscope 8° Voltage of the supplying mains, V 220 (110) ±10% Current frequency, Hz 50 (60) Output voltage of the supply unit, V 12 Dimensions, mm 885x800x1650 Weight of the telescope, kg 20 Weight of the telescope packed, kg 25