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Magniifcation: 3.5x 
CF-Super tube inside
Field of view: 12°
Resolution (centre): 42 lines/mm
Range of detection: 170 m 

What's in the box

Edge GS 3.5x50 | Carrying case | User manual | Cleaning cloth | Warranty card


Constant image quality across the whole field of view

CF-Super’s resolution is notable for its consistency (resolution difference between the centre/edge does not exceed 20%, whilst centre/edge resolution ratio for Gen.1 units is more than five times.

Effective field of view

High resolution and geometric image precision provided by CF-Super based NV devices provides effective observation of an object located in any part of unit’s field of view. Majority of Gen. 1 devices features decent image quality only in the centre of the imaging area.

Built-in IR illuminator

The powerful IR Illuminator is reasonable for observation at insufficient levels of natural illumination on above-average distances.

Tube protection

The Edge GS features an image intensifier tube protection system – once the luminance threshold level is exceeded, current feed to the tube is automatically reduced or fully ceased. This allows the user to reach the highest possible tube performance.


The Edge night vision binoculars are easy in operation. The device and IR illuminator are switched by pressing buttons (ON and IR respectively) located on the top of the body. Additionally, the Edge binoculars & goggles are equipped with a gradual IR illuminator power adjustment function.


The body of fiberglass reinforced plastic is able to effectively withstand impact, moisture and dust which allows the units to be used in extreme conditions.

Eye Cap

A soft rubber eyecup conceals the light emission from the tube thus permitting a user to stay unnoticed.

Weaver 7/8'' Rail

A Weaver Rail fixed on the top is used to enable attachment of additional accessories like IR Flashlights.


New five-lens eyepiece with skewed rubber eyecup provides no distortion across the edges of the field of view and increases image sharpness and contrast.

Image tube type EP33-SF-U
Generation CF-Super
Optical characteristics
Magnification, x 3.5
Objective lens, mm 50
Resolution, lines per mm 42
Angular field of view, degree 12
Eyepiece adjustment, diopter ±4
Min. Focusing Distance, m 5
Optical characteristics
Eye relief, mm 12
Built-in IR-illuminator
IR Wavelength, nm 805
Equivalent IR Power, mW 100
Range of observation
Max. detection range, m 170
Power Supply
Operating voltage, V 3 (2хAAA)
Physical & operational characteristics
Dimensions, mm 233x122x71
Weight of the unit, kg 0.85
Operating temperature, °C -20 ... +40