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Generation: 2+
Тybe type: EPM221G
Magnification: 3х
Field of view: 11°
Reticle: red/green-on-green range-finding reticle, with brightness control

What's in the box

Riflescope Sentinel G2+ 3x50 | Carrying case| Remote control | User manual | Warranty card 


Two-color ultra-fine range-finding reticle

The Sentinel GS reticle has a brightness control option and a range-finding scale to facilitate adjustment when shooting at different distances (provided the shooter knows the size of the target). Initially, the riflescope should be sighted at a known range (say 50m) on the central cross-hair. Distance is determined by placing a target with known width (specific value depends on riflescope’s model) between the marks of the ranging chevrons “>..<”. If the target fits between the marks, you should make the vertical adjustment according to the mark. The reticle colour can be switched at any time from green-on-green to red-on-green to optimize performance depending on the contrast of the target/surrounding vegetation.

Internal focusing

The optical system employs an internal focusing mechanism (from 5m to infinity) with 'definite' click-stop focus positions. The focusing provides clear images at extremely short distances as well as optimising quality at all distances within the riflescope's working range.

Protective lens cap

Protective lens cap is permanently attached to the body to prevent it being lost and can be slid back down the body when observing or shooting.

Weaver 7/8" Rail

A Weaver 7/8" rail on the left side of the body designed for mounting additional accessories (IR flashlight, DSAS, red dot laser).

Stabilized power supply unit

The stabilized voltage of the power supply prevents reticle shift and drop in reticle brightness and guarantees the tube's and IR-illuminator's proper operation, even when the batteries are nearly empty. The batteries are positioned vertically, which enhances reliability of energy supply when recoiling.

Remote control

The 3 button remote control (two duplicate the "On/Off" function) is helpful for tactical applications and can be mounted on any easy to reach part of the weapon. The third button is intended for an Instant On start-up of the riflescope.


Electrooptical converter
Generation 2+
Tube Type EPM 221G
Optical characteristics
Magnification, x 3
Lens diameter, mm 50
Field of View,° 11
Minimum focusing distance, m 5
Eye Relief, mm 50
Diopter adjustment, dptr. ±3.5
Resolution, lines per mm 45
Built-in IR-illuminator
Equivalent IR Power, mW 100
IR Wavelength, nm 805
Range of observation
Range of detection, m (object 1,7m high, illumination level 0.05 lux ("1/4 moon") 600
Power Supply
Power Supply, V 3
Battery type 2xAA
Battery Life (w/out IR), hour 70
Using on weapon
Reticle Type Red/Green-on-green rangefinding reticle
Windage & Elevation, 1 click, mm / 100m 15
Shock-proofness, E0, joules (when used with rifled gun) 6000
Physical & operational characteristics
Operating Temperature,°С - 30 … + 40
Level of Protection (acc. to IEC 60529) IPX4
Remote control yes
Dimensions, mm 285х90х100
Weight, kg ≈ 1