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Binocular observation device NPB-1 is designed for observation and determination of angular coordinates of objects observed from the stationary and temporary observation posts by day and at night with the help of searchlights. 

The device uses a high-effective optical train and high-quality optics providing an excellent quality of image, high resolution in the whole of field of view and high rate of light transmission. The device can operate in open air at temperature from -50 to 50 o
С and relative humidity up to 98%.


  • high quality and moderate price;

  • easiness, reliability and handiness in service;

  • easy mounting on tripod or pier;

  • conformable design of control system;

  • high quality of image in the whole of field of view;

  • prevention of the device from penetration of sunshine;

  • metal housing which protects the device from rain, dust, snow, dirt;

  • three kinds of light filters. The light-orange filter is used when it is dull in order to increase the contrast of object to be observed; the neutral

  • light is used at bright light; a blue-green light filter is used for protection against laser radiation;

  • Interpupillary adjustment;

  • diopter laying which is intended for setting of sharp image of object by user's eye;

  • soft rubber headrest and eye shield;

  • possibility to change a direction of observation up to 360o in horizontal plane and from -35 до +60oC in the vertical plane;

  • mobility of scale of traversing angles that to allow setting the device to zero-point according to direction to be chosen;

  • possibility to determine a distance to target with height of 1.7m;

  • desiccator plugs contained a selicagel are intended for protection of the optical pieces inside the device against sweating;


  • protection of various objects;

  • police use;

  • security;


Magnification, fold


Field of view, deg


Diameter of the pupils, mm, of the entrance one/of the exit one

110mm /7.33

Eye relief, mm


Resolution of each monocular in centre of field of view, ..."


Parallax between image of infinitely distant object and reticule, ...


Light transmission, %


Distance between centres of the right exit pupils and left tubes, mm


Convergence of the light beams behind the eyepieces, D

-3 to12

Range of measuring the angles of elevation, degree

-35 to 60

Range of measuring the tra¬versing angles, degree


Reading of measuring the angles


Division value of limbs


Overall dimensions , mm


Weight, kg, of the device/of the tripod