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Professional handheld thermal binocular is intended for round-the-clock search, supervision and registration of objects at night and at conditions of smog, fog, and full darkness in the spectral range 8-14 µm. The SND-1 based on the high-resolution uncooled shutterless 17µm microbolometer with 50 Hz frame rate and 640x480 pxls. The device has high-quality optics, video recorder, rubber body and design with IP66 protection.

The device is intended for special applications: customs house, law enforcement, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, sea and ground monitoring.




  • 8 colour palettes,

  • grid for range measurement ,

  • video record MPEG 4,

  • memory up to 32 Gb,


SND-1…………….....................1 pc.

Li-ion rechargeable battery…...3 pcs.

Car adapter..…………………...1 pc.

Main adapter.............................1 pc

USB cable.................................1 pc.

User Manual.…………………...1 pc.

Case…....…………………….....1 pc. 


In order to provide the durability and operability of the device, it is necessary to follow a few guidelines:

- The device can be operated over a wide temperature rangefrom -20°С to +50°С. However, if the device is brought into warm environment from cold one, the image may be dim due to condensation on the external lens.

- Store the device in case in a dry, well ventilated room with relative humidity up to 95% at a temperature 25˚С.

- Protect the device from any mechanical damage and moisture.

- Protect the lens from dirt and grease, as it damages the picture quality. If necessary, clean the lens with a soft tissue dipped in alcohol.

- The device is built to comply with IP67 rating and can be operated at any precipitation. However the device is not submersible.

- The observation range depends on the atmospheric transparency and thermal contrast between the object and the background.


When turning on the unit at low temperature (from 0˚C to minus 20˚С) the picture may appear with up to 10 sec delay.

1. The device is supplied with installed and pre-charged batteries. To replace the batteries, unscrew two screws (2), remove the battery compartment cover (1). Install three Li-ion type rechargeable batteries, observing the polarity.

2. Remove the cover from lens. Press button (4). A test table will appear on the display. Wait for the thermal channel calibration.

3. The binocular has automatic control of calibration, contrast, and brightness. However at night or at daylight is recommended to use manual electronic adjustment of brightness of display by knobs "+" and "-" (5). For adjustment of the thermal image gain use buttons (12) «+» «-».

4. Adjust maximum sharpness of the object by turning the lens (6).

Eyepiece (7) has the fixed position and is designed for range +/-3 of diopter.

5. Digital zoom.

Push button (11) for X2, X4 and 8X digital magnification.

Total magnification of device will be 7.4X, 14.8X, 29.6X.

6. Image colour options.

Button (8) is used to choose the image colour – 8 paletts. Press the button for short time to choose black warm or white warm image. Press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds to choose the image colour.

7.Video recording.

Push button (3) to start recording. Red LED will twinkle in right of the screen. To stop recording, press button (3).

7. Video playback.

Check, that the device is switched off. For video playback, connect USB cable with input (9) and PC. Open “My computer”, open the external disk, open video files.

8. External power supply. Battery charge.

Input (10) is used for connecting the external power supply car adapter or AC adapter 230V/15V with load current at least 700 mA and 5.0 х 2.1 mm connector. The AC or car adapters can also be used for batteries charge.

The charge period is about 4 hours. When the adapter is connected, the yellow LED near the ocular will blink. When low battery the green LED is twinkle.

9. The switching OFF the device.

When operation is finished, press button (4).



Radiation receiver

ASi 8...14 mkm

Matrix size

640х480 pixels, 17μm


<60 mK

Frame frequency


Magnification optical


Magnification digital

7.4X, 14.8X, 29.6X


F1.0/75 mm, manual focus



Typical ranges for human figure:





2600 m

600 m

400 m


Li-ion rechargeable battery 3x18650, external 12V

Continuous operation time

4 hours

Video registration

640х480, 8-32Gb, 7-24 hours of video, MPEG 4, 50Hz

Operating temperatures range


International protect rating





1.65 kg