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Main / Catalog / Night Vision Binoculars / ONV3/5x (NVS-7-3) NV Binoculars 3rd Gen.

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Larger photo
  • the longest targets detection
  • 500m min. recognizing distance of a men figure
  • 3rd Gen Image Intensifier tube
  • automatic brightness control
  • powerful built-in IR-illuminator
  • low battery indicator
  • IR ON indicator
  • super 5X interchangeable high resolution lens
  • flip-flop mechanism easy view
  • automatic shut-off in top position
  • adjustable eyepieces
  • reliable and shockproof design
  • light weight and comfortable
  • water and dust resistant


Night Vision Binoculars ONV3/5x is full robust and high performance device is equipped by one "3rd Generation” Image Intensifier Tube having the high level sensitive photocathode and the built-in power supply unit.
The device has high quality 3x lens and the specially designed eyepiece system that all together provides the best quality of observation with perfect resolution and sharp image over entire field of view. This device ensures a man target detection from 500m and up to horizon in moon night.
ONV3/5x binoculars are featured by the long range detection of objects, the automatic brightness control system and the automatic built-in switch-off trigger that protects the Image Intensifier tube and an observer eyes from unexpected flashes of lights and subsequent damage and temporary blindness. The device is equipped with IR illuminator for highlighting the objects in absolute darkness.
The device is uniformed and has 5x lens that is easily interchangeable. The personnel can use the device either like goggles or binocular according to demand. Goggles with 1x lens can be transformed to 5x binoculars and back in less than a minute.    
Infrared operation and low battery indictors are displayed within a user’s field of view. Switch-on mechanism and the cover of battery compartment are comfortable to use either operating in gloves.    
So this universal ONV3/6x night vision device with interchangeable 1x and 3x lenses will provide you successful performance and execution of all types missions where the long range observation is required.
The best quality of imagery and the longest range of observation makes this device the best solution for professionals in night vision application.

Delivery set:

  • night vision device body;
  • 5x interchangeable lens;
  • neck carrying cord;
  • carrying bag;
  • lenses cleaning napkins;
  • users manual. Optional deliverables:
  • 3x Interchangeable lens - a high performance 3X Military Lens with F/1.6 optics and 12.4 field of view can easily interchange 1x lens and provide more distant objects detection from 10m up to 800m at usual night condition 
  • 5x Interchangeable lens - a high performance Galilean afocal 5X Military Lens with F/2.3 optics and 8 field of view can easily interchange 1x lens and provide far away distant objects detection on horizon from 10m up to 1200m at usual night condition;
  • 8x optional Interchangeable lens - a high performance Galilean afocal 8X Military Lens can easily interchange 1x lens and provide far away distant objects detection on horizon from 20m up to 2000m at usual night condition;
  • ONV H mount and U mount Kevlar Helmet Mounts, are metal helmet mounts for attachment of ONV3 & ONV2 Night Vision Goggles to a standard PASGT infantry Kevlar helmet by means of a rugged strapping device and grooved hooks. While attached to helmet mount, NVG Goggles can be positioned directly in front of users eyes or flipped.
  • Camera Adapter Assembly allows night-time photography and recording. The adapter replaces the Ocular. No any other additional adaptors are required for cameras with 35mm or video with 37mm thread in front of the camcorders objective lens.
magnification 5x times
Field of view 8.0б╟ б╠ 0.4
Focusing rage 10
Diopter adjustment +5/-5
Recognizing distance of a men figure, min 500
3rd Gen. II Tube resolution 51 Б─⌠ 64 lp/mm
Integral sensitivity, н╪п░/lm, min 1200
Light intensification factor ( gain ) 40000
Signal-to-noise ratio 22
Resolution of optical device, cyclesmrad, min 3.98
Eyes basis 57-72
Output pupil diameter 15 mm
Output pupil from last lens 15
power supply Two standard AA type batteries 3V
Battery life at usual mode of operation 80
Battery life at IR illumination mode 40
Overall dimensions 234x132x84mm mm
Weight of goggles 760
Weight of head harness 250
Weight of bag 250
Mean time between failure 10000
Operating temperature -40 to +40
Relative humidity at 25°C 93
Shock-proof 5
Water-proof at 0.5m depth in water 30