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The binocular is based on the silicon high sensitive CCD camera with special system of electronic accumulation and multiplication of a signal and built-in TFT-LCD monitor. The four-stage system of automatic control and superior anti-blooming allow to watch in a wide range of illumination without regulation of contrast and brightness of monitor. The binocular has a wide range of operation from 0.0005lux (starlight) to 30 000 lx (solar day), moreover it has IR illuminator and video out for recording. Binocular can be used for long-range observation, surveillance and registration of moving and immovable objects at the night and day on land or water. Optional high-power IR LED illuminator allows viewing objects up to 300m in full darkness and with IR laser illuminator ─ up to 1000m. Night Binocular BNV-2 is an optical-electronic device intended for visual observation and identification of various objects in night time, as well as for orientation in terrain and water surface in conditions of natural night illumination intensity from 5x10-3 up to 1 lux and more lower level using the built-in IR-illuminator. Night binocular operating ambient air temperature range is from -30° up to +30°C.

magnification 8X (optionally 11) times
Resolution in daylight 480 TV lines
Field of view 6o
Max. distance of operation in daylight 500 m
power supply 4.8V, 4xAA size recharg. batteries
Battery life 2 hours standard
Video output Standard composite video 1Vp-p, 75, RCA connector
Functions Contrast; video out
External power supply DC 12V, 300 mA
weight 1.0 kg
dimensions 139x138x55 mm