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Image intensifier tube 2+rd Gen., power supply with built-in automatic brightness control source protection. (ABC).


  • Easy use and light weight comfortable design;
  • Angle of IR illumination completely assure the field of view (controlled during assembling);
  • Shock, water resistant and Corrosion-proof device;
  • Flip-flop mechanism allows easy unobstructed vision;
  • Eye shades, made of dead-soft rubber, for the most convenient and comfortable use;
  • Objectives are being focused to and supplied with cover protecting optical surface from mechanical damage & powerful luminous flux;
  • Switch mechanism and the cover of the battery compartment are comfortable during device using even in gloves.

Ambient conditions:

  • Temperature +/- 40 ºC
  • Relative humidity at 25 - 93%
  • Shock-proof 5g
  • Water-proof 2.0 m (30 minuts)

Delivery set:

  • Night vision device body with 1X interchangeable lens;
  • Adjustable head harness;
  • Carrying bag;
  • Neck carrying strap;
  • Lenses cleaning napkins;
  • User's manual.

Additional optional accessories:

  • 3x lens and 5x lens. Easy and comfortable changing of a lens on the monocular at observation;
  • 3x afocal (telescopic attachment). Easy fit to the lens cell and provides 3x magnification;
  • Weapon mount adapter attachment;
  • Video & photo fitting attachment;
  • Auto switching off at device flip-flop up position;
  • Anti fogging filter and hit proof protective glass.
Image intensifier tube generation 2 -
Identification range of human body figure, min 180 / 240 m
magnification 1x / 3x times
Angular field of view 40+/-2 / 12+/-2 degree
Lens focusing range 0.25 - inf m
Ocular adjusting range +/-5 dioptres
Tube resolution 51 - 67 lp/mm
power supply 1 AA Battery
Active performance period without of IR illumination, min 40 hours
Active performance period with of IR illumination, min 20 hours
Integral (uA/lm) 1500-1800 -
Spectral (at lambda=850nm,mA/W) 35 -
II tube light amplification 30000 -
Objective F number 1.17 / 1.6 -
Output pupil diameter 25 mm
Eye relief 30 mm
Goggles mass, no more 0.320 kg
Head harness mass, no more 0.180 kg
Bag mass, no more 0.250 kg
Resource 10000 hours
dimensions 115x42x62 mm