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Night-vision technology too has not been left out by the digital era. An absolutely new development in this field is the digital night-vision binocular SM-3DB. Furnished with the most modern, highly sensitive sensors, surveillance is possible even in starlight with only 0.0005 Lx light. The deviceБ─≥s light intensification is comparable to that of a 2nd generation light intensifier. In addition, it also has more remarkable advantages. The SM-DB is totally insensitive to flash and therefore is operable by day without any limitations - damage to the device caused by light is impossible. At night, a light source can be looked into without damaging the device. A blooming or night-light effect does not occur. Surveillance is tireless, as the image can be viewed with both eyes. Dioptric setting is not necessary. The image contrast is set with a control knob and allows best possible adjustment to the prevailing light conditions. Should the light sensitivity of the device still not be sufficient, e.g. in total darkness, an infra-red torch can be switched on which, invisible to the human eye, illuminates the surroundings at night. This makes the device operable even in total darkness.

Light Range 0.0005 Lx to 30,000 Lx (Day & Night Operation)
magnification 11-fold times
power supply External 12 Volt or Batteries 8XAA
Video-Out Standard 1 Vpp, Cinch Connection Socket
Resolution in daylight 420 TV lines
Resolution at night 200Б─╕420 TV lines (depends on night illumination)
Field of view 6
Battery life standard 4 hours typical
Functions Contrast; video out
weight 1.3 kg
dimensions 240x150x75 mm