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Product description 

PN23 became the first sight from NPZ night sights line with minordiameter image intensifier tube. The sight has small overalldimensions and light weight (0.67 kg).

PN23 is equipped with image intensifier tube of only generation3 and intended for terrain observation under natural night-3 illumination from 3x10 (moonless night) to 1.5 lx (twilight).

Thesight is designed as an optical module with removable bracketsallowing the sight to be mounted on different types of weapon.Build-in IR illuminator allows observation and aimed firingunder reduced illumination conditions and complete darkness.

IR illuminator rotation gear allows directing illumination beamin a determined direction. The sight is resistant to shock loadof calibers up to 9.3 mm (for rifles) and up to 12(for smooth-bore).



  • Image intensifier tube of generation 3
  • Resistant dustproof and waterproof aluminum body
  • Light weight and small overall dimensions
  • Resistance to shock load of heavy calibers
  • High-precision adjustment mechanismIR illuminator rotation gear
  • Reticle brightness control
  • Automatic IIT brightness control
  • IIT protection from short flashing lights