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New sight PN23-5 is equipped with minor diameter imageintensifier tube, IIT brightness control function, innerobjective lenses focusing and has modular design.

The sight has large aperture optical system with laminatedantireflection layer, diopter adjustment ±3 d, operatesunder the temperature from – 40 to + 40°Cand is resistant to shock load of calibers up to 9.3 mmfor rifles and up to 12 for smooth-bore.



  • Diopter adjustment with inner focusing from 35 m to infinity
  • IIT brightness control function allows to adjust image contrast depending on illumination conditions
  • Operates well with the position of the exit pupil from 50 to 70 mm without significant decrease in field of view.
  • Can be equipped with extended eye shade for operation with heavy caliber weapon
  • The sight body is equipped with Picatinny rail for external IR illuminator mounting
  • IIT protection from short flashing lights