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Product description 

It is designed for observation and watching in dark timeunder natural moon - or star-light illumination or even in fulldarkness using the built-in IR illuminator.

The binocular uses two channels. Each channel has its ownIIT. The device creates an image of high resolution for eacheye. This system allows evaluating range and improvesorientation.





  • Two image intensifiers generation 2+ or 3 Automatic screen brightness control circuit
  • High-light cutoff protection circuit Refracting lenses
  • Built-in ir illuminator
  • Removable light filters for high light conditions
  • Soft rubber eyeshields
  • Solid and watertight design
  • Design of the device provides comfortable
  • Observation at any interpupillary distance
  • Illuminator operation indication
  • Low battery indication
  • Can be equipped by addition picatinny rail on the device body
  • Operating temperature range from -35 to +50 °C, low temperature is limited by type of battery