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Main / Catalog / Night Vision Binoculars / SM-3DB 17x Pro digital day-night long range binocular

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Digital binocular SM-3DB is intended for supervision and registration of mobile and motionless objects in day light and at night. Developed on the basis of the newest digital technologies, the camera works within night as well as in the day without interruption of its operation. Range of operation is from 0.0005lx (starlight) up to 30000lx (sunny day). The binocular can be completed with the laser infra-red illuminator invisible to an eye, allowing finding out and identifying license plates of the automobiles moving towards with included headlights at night. Sensitivity of the binocular is approached to parameters of night vision devices of the second generation that allows observing in extreme conditions at night in a passive mode. Specially developed optical system allows distinguishing a figure of the person on distance more than 800 meters at night. The powerful laser illuminator allows to observe objects in an active mode on distance more than 600 meters. The standard video output allows to look through the video image on any monitor or the personal computer, and also to register on video camera, a digital camera and etc.

  • Identification and registration of license plates of automobiles, boats, etc.
  • The distant Latent Supervision.
  • Search and Rescue.
  • Customs inspections.
  • Law Enforcement and safety.
Visual magnification 17
resolution 100...420 (depends from illumination) TV Lines
Field of view 1.6
range of operation 0.0005 to 30000 Lx
power supply 4xAA rechargeable batteries
Battery life 4
Video-Out Composite 1V, 75Om, RCA
external power 12 V
weight 2.2 kg
dimensions 320x150x75 mm