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Main / Catalog / Laser Range Finders / SMALL SIZE LASER RANGE-FINDER "LDM-3"

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Product description 

LDM-3 is intended for terrain observation and determination of the target range in the daytime as well as in twilight andat night under natural illumination with the help of night visiontube.

LDM-3 is used for range measuring to the object, locatedat a distance from 100 to 15000 m, at ambient temperaturefrom -20 to 40 °C and relative humidity up to 80%.

LDM-3 emits laser impulse to the target, receives radiationreflected from the target, determines period of time betweenemitted and received signal and according to the target.Information about distance is displayed in the sightingchannel.

LDM-3 can be equipped by Picatinny rail for mountingexternal devices.