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Product description 

The long-range observation device with a television output is a passive-type night vision device intended for finding and following targets at long distances that intensifies the brightness of target images on a poorly lighted terrain in night conditions. The brightness is intensified with a third-generation image intensifying tube (IIT) and is then converted to a video signal displayed on PC.

The catadioptic high-aperture lens ensures distinct vision and recognition of targets in night conditions at distances up to 2500 m. The image provided with the device is observed remotely, on a computer monitor. PNDK-TV allows being mounted either on a tripod or on a rotary support.



  • Third-generation IIT with “autogating” function IIT amplification control by operator
  • Focusing with a selected interval
  • Gamma correction of image and observed targets
  • Interrupted funnel display with numerous setting options
  • Cross-hair mark display for easier guidance at a target
  • Automatic control of the IIT photocathode shutter and heating of camera's array photodetectors