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Main / Catalog / Day & Night CCD Devices / Long-range Day/Night camera SM3 NVTV vario, without IR illuminator

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The SM-3NVTV VARIO is a high performance day/night system of observation designed for observation and registration of moving and immovable objects in daylight and at night. Built over exclusive digital technology the SM-3NVTV VARIO operates during the night as well as day without interruption of its operation.

Unit is based on the silicon high-sensitive CCD sensor with special system of electronic accumulation and multiplication of a signal. The SM-3NVTV VARIO provides wide range of operation from 0.0005 lx (starlight) to 50 000 lx (bright sun). Specially designed variable lens system allows viewing a human figure in wide range of magnifications and fields of view. High-power laser infrared illuminator (not included in standard kit) allows observing objects in active mode on the distance more than 1000 meters.

Features of the VARIO model:

  • Extremely light weight (400 g.);
  • Adjustable magnification 0.65X to 9.5X and field of view 48.5 to 3.1б╟.
Magnification (LCD monitor 14") 0.65X...9.5X
Lens F1.6/5.5-82.5 manual focus, manual zoom
Field of view (horizontal) 48.5б╟...3.1б╟ degree
mount-thread for screwed-in attachments CS mount
supply voltage 20-4
CCD sensor 1/3 inch
Resolution in daylight 420 TV lines
Resolution at night 140...420 TV lines
Range of operation 0.0005...50 000 Lx
Video output Standard composite video
power supply 10...12.5V, 400mA
dimensions (L) 172.5 x (D) 64 mm
weight 0.4 kg
Temperature range of operation -20...+50 б╟C
The increased relative humidity 98% at temperature +25 б╟C
Shock-proof 20
at magnification 3.3X 96-104