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Main / Catalog / Photo camera lenses / Rubinar 8/500 Telephoto lens

Our price: $ 800.00
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This macro mirror-meniscous telescopic photo lens is applied for any type of camera with a proper ring adaptor to M42x1 thread

The lens is used for photographing of remote objects, inaccessible parts of terrain, astronomical objects, architectural details, sports competitions, animals and birds in general ideal for photo hunting.

Excelent objective in the moon viewing and photography.

Special multilayer antireflection coatings at optical elements increase the light transmission; decrease the light dispersion; raise the contrast of a photo object.

The photo lens is furnished with a set of colour filters, and supplied in a handy carrying case.

Delivery set:

  1. 'MC Rubinar 8/500' camera lens - 1 pc.,
  2. light filter N-4x - 1 pc.,
  3. light filter O-2.8x - 1 pc.,
  4. front lid - 1 pc.,
  5. rear lid - 1 pc.,
  6. case - 1 pc.,
  7. lens hood - 1 pc.,
  8. owner's manual - 1 copy.

You can fit and use this photo lens with your photo camera procuring the special adapter to M42 mount. There are adapters for following photo cameras: Canon EOS, Canon FD, YashicaFR/Contax, Minolta AF, Minolta MD, Nikon, Nikon (with lens), Olympus OM, Olympus 4/3. If your camera is out of this list, please let us know and we find a special adapter for you.

focal length mm 500
relative aperture - 1:8
angle of view degrees 5
focusing range m 2.2 - inf
working distance mm 45.5
screw mount thread - M42 x 1
resolving power at infinity in the field center mm-1 50
connecting thread for light filters mm M77 x 0.75
maximum diameter of lens cell mm 81
maximum length of lens at "infinity" distance mm 99
weight kg 0.55