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Main / Catalog / Photo camera lenses / MC Zenitar M (N or K mount options) 2.8/16 fisheye lens

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MC Zenitar M (or K model) 16mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens - compact replaceable short focusing super wide angle lens. This lens has automated diaphragm, which closes at shooting up to the beforehand of the predetermined value and allowing to carry out adjustment of sharpness with completely opened diaphragm irrespective of the established value of diaphragm. Clarifying multi layer covering put on lenses, increases passthrough and reduces dispersion of light, that provides especially favorable contrast and sharpness of the image, substantially eliminates haloes, patches of light and light stain even at photographing against light with the large difference in brightness of object of shooting.
focal length mm 16
relative aperture: - -
maximum - 1:2.8
minimum - 1:22
angle of view degrees 180
focusing range m 0.3 - inf
working distance mm 45.5
number of lens / components pc 11/7
type of mount thread - M42я┘1, bayonet "H", bayonet "K" (optional)
connection thread for light filters - M26.5x0.5
max. diameter of lens cell mm 63.0
lens length set at "infinity" without covers mm 48.4
weight kg 0.31