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Main / Catalog / Night IR illuminators / Laser Illuminator IR530-940 adjustable 90mW, long-range (3V)

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The IR-530-940 is a long-range infrared illuminator based around laser diode technology. Designed primarily to be used with Optics night vision devices and Day/Night CCD cameras, this IR illuminator is also suitable for all night vision devices and B/W or Day/Night CCD cameras which have infrared sensitive/compatible CCD sensor. It can be used hand held and also it is easily mounted. The IR illuminator has rotary switch with three positions for control of output power of radiation. Specially designed lens system with raster of micro lenses gives round and uniform spot and allows illuminating objects on distances up to 1000 meters (depends on sensor) in total darkness. Divergence of the beam can be adjusted from 2 deg. to 5 deg.