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Main / Shipping info

1. Delivery guarantee

RUSOPTICS (Alatyr Ltd) will notify you by e-mail when you place the order and also as soon as your order is packed and shipped. This notice will give you an estimate of the number of days within which your order will arrive. In case your delivery is delayed beyond a time you are advised to contact us.

In case you contact us regarding the delivery that is taking longer than the shipping notice estimate, RUSOPTICS will immediately investigate the status of the order and contact you or re-ship the order again with no additional charges.

2. How shipments are made

All orders are usually shipped by International Air Mail worldwide.

For express shipment we use DHL and UPS Courier Posts. Express shipment means that the consignment is traceable and can be tracked. During the entire stretch, it is possible to track the package, with the courier tracking number provided by the express shipment company. The courier tracking number is provided by RUSOPTICS, once your parcel is shipped. This facility helps you to keep a close-watch on the movement of your shipment, towards its final destination.

If you need the express delivery, please select and click this option when Checking out the Cart in our iternet shop.

3. Notices you will receive

When you first place your order you will receive two notices, one from our payment processor PayPal, acknowledging the detailed order information via a fulfillment email, and the other from RUSOPTICS acknowledging the receipt of your order and sending you a copy of your detailed invoice.

In case you do not receive these notices, then it should be taken granted that your order was not registered into our system and it cannot be processed and shipped.

Within 2 business days you will receive our shipping notice, advising that your order has been shipped, and that you can expect delivery within 7 to 14 business days thereafter. We value each and every customer and we will do the best we can, to make sure your purchase from us goes smoothly.

4. If delivery is late?

If for any reason your order fails to arrive or it is unable to locate your shipment, the investigation will be held and the credit will be charged back to your credit card, equal to the amount of your purchase, or a replacement shipment will be sent to you.

If you intimate us by email about the delivery that is taking longer than the shipping notice estimate, RUSOPTICS will immediately starts investigating the status of your order.

5. When to expect delivery

Our payment processor PayPal will send you an email, usually in less than 24 hours after ordering, confirming that your payment has received final approval.

This message indicates that the order is paid, and it is instantly updated in our list for shipping, and the clock starts running for us.

Within two business days of receiving notice for payment, we will ship your order and send you a shipping notice.

This notice tells you the date we shipped your order, and also expected delivery date within 7 to 14 business days. Delivery is almost always in less time than this time scale.